The Track in the Mirror by Flemming Brantbjerg

Use this exciting toy to create your own Web-Artwork.

This is how it works:

First, open a new browser window. Use the new window to surf your favorite web sites. When you visit a page with impressive graphics, include it by Copy/Pasting the location into the textfield to the right. Press Tilføj ('Add'), and continue surfing and adding locations until you have about 5-20 addresses. Now, press Mal ('Paint') and wait. It can take up to a couple of minutes, before you get a new image, which is YOUR personal imprint of the Internet.
You can try again using the same pages, or you can de-select some of them by clicking the list. Use Ryd ('Clear') to remove pages from the list.

You can also go an see what other users have created, or you can read more about the project.
Send an e-mail if you have comments to the artwork or the technique.

There is also a Danish version.

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